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14 December Best wishes for Christmas

The Heirisson Island Sculpture Park (HISP) committee wishes its supporters a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season.

It has been a year of significant progress for the sculpture park concept with heightened interest from State Government and other stakeholders following the release of the City of Perth Master Plan for Heirisson Island. As a result we have had many fruitful discussions with the State Government including the Premier's office and other Ministers. One of the results of these meetings has been the Premier's request to have the WA Government Architect, Steve Woodland, join the committee (story below).

We believe that 2010 will see more progress on the development of the sculpture park with further consultation work on this important idea for Perth and progress with the concepts for a bridge linking Point Fraser to the Island.

Thank you for all your support and best wishes this holiday season!

Judge Bill Groves


14 December HISP links with Art Gallery of WA

The Art Gallery of WA is among several key organisations showing interest in the sculpture park concept with a key member of its management team recently joining the HISP committee.

Jenepher Duncan, Curator of Australian Contemporary Art, has begun attending HISP committee meetings to represent the Art Gallery. Ms Duncan brings a wealth of experience in coordinating major exhibitions and acquiring artworks for the State Art Collection. In her role with HISP, Ms Duncan will help the committee focus on issues involving acquisition and placement of future artworks.

The Art Gallery decided to join the committee following a visit by its Director, Dr. Stefano Carboni, to Heirisson Island with HISP Chairman Judge Bill Groves. Dr Carboni received a full briefing on the sculpture park concept while taking a tour of the 26 hectare island.

Dr Carboni said he could see the vast potential of the sculpture park and was keen for the Art Gallery to be involved. Carboni believes a partnership with HISP will help make the park an exceptionally creative addition to the City of Perth. Dr Carboni will offer overall development advice for the concept.

14 December WA Government Architect

Premier Colin Barnett has acknowledged the potential of the Heirisson Island scuplture park to add to the attraction and vibrancy of the City of Perth and be a major tourism drawcard. Following a recent briefing, the Premier has asked Western Australia's Government Architect, Steve Woodland, to provide his input and expertise to the HISP committee.

Mr Woodland is the second Western Australian Government Architect since the position was established in 2003. His role is to provide progressive design leadership for WA's urban development to help improve public buildings and enhance the quality of state infrastructure. The HISP committee will keep Mr. Woodland informed on progress of all aspects of the sculpture park and seek his input on key decisions relating to design issues.

Mr Woodland's involvement is greatly valued, as is the support of the Premier and his office for further development of the sculpture park concept.

14 December Master Plan Updated

Master Plan UpdatedThe Heirisson Island Sculpture Park Master Plan Report was completed and adopted by the City of Perth in June 2008. The detailed report outlines the history of the island, the proposal to develop it as a scupture park, and the staged process of implementation.

A recently updated version of the report contains essentially the same information delivered in a more succinct form. It now includes more 'environmentally sensitive' images in order to better convey the intention of the design. The plan will continue to evolve based on ongoing consultation with the local Aboriginal comminity groups and the relevant state authorities. Environmental considerations will also influence the direction of the design's development.

To view the updated masterplan please visit our website.



02 September Sculpture Park progress - footbridge concepts proposed

Three exciting concepts for a footbridge linking Point Fraser to Heirisson Island have been unveiled to get people thinking about this vital piece of infrastructure for the proposed Heirisson Island Sculpture Park. The footbridge is part of the City of Perth's masterplan for the future of the Island. The City hopes that the footbridge could be completed during 2011-12. The concepts were kindly developed by international engineering and architecture firm GHD for Heirisson Island Sculpture Park Inc. GHD used the project as an innovation challenge for its employees.  Dozens of concepts were generated and the three featured below (and recently in The West Australian ) incorporate sustainability into their designs and draw inspiration from subjects as diverse as the awakening of the rainbow serpent, circles used in Aboriginal art and the native cowslip orchid.

Over the next month, you can visit the Sculpture on the Swan website to vote for your favourite footbridge design.

The designs are concepts only and the City of Perth will ultimately go through a formal process to select designs and companies to be involved in the footbridge project.

02 September Concept one - Awakening

concept one awakeningThe first of GHD's footbridge concepts is based on the awakening of the waugal, the great river serpent that is believed by local Aborigines to have moved across the land to create wetlands, rivers and streams.

The bridge would be built using mainly recycled materials such as recycled steel and is designed to gently move with the elements. This movement would be powered by solar panels built on the crossings deck and a layer of glass over the bridge which would also supply the island with solar energy.

Visit Sculpture on the Swan to vote for the Awakening footbridge.

02 September Concept two - Dat-Ja Flower in Bloom

concept two datja flower in bloomThe inspiration for GHD's second bridge concept comes from the native cowslip orchid with folding petal-like sides surrounding the bud-like main structure.

Solar cells located on the raised petals would power the footbridge's folding mechanism, as well as the information centre and cafe located in the bridge's centre.

Visit Sculpture on the Swan to vote for the Dat-Ja Flower in Bloom footbridge.

02 September Concept three - Seart bridge

concept three seart bridgeSeart bridge uses the laws of nature and art symbols in its design. A key feature of the footbridge would be moving, ring-like structures.

Through the use of solar panels located on the upper part of the bridge and a process known as stratification, water filled pipes connecting the rings would heat up during the day and lift the bridge out of the water.

Visit Sculpture on the Swan to vote for the Seart bridge.

02 September Sculpture by the Sea sculpture could go to Heirisson Island

sculpture by the sea sculpture could go to heirisson islandIn early March, Heirisson Island Sculpture Park Inc chairman Judge Bill Groves presented the concept for a permanent sculpture park in Perth to more than 100 guests at the Sculpture by the Sea conference. The  Heirisson Island Sculpture Park concept differs fundamentally from Sculpture by the Sea because it will be a permanent attraction. However, Sculpture by the Sea has clearly demonstrated during the past couple of years that Perth residents certainly have a passion for, and willingness to visit, outdoor sculptures.

Encouragingly, Perth City Council also purchased one of the sculptures displayed at the Cottesloe beach exhibition (seen here) for the CBD.

Visit Sculpture on the Swan for more information on the sculpture park concept.

02 September Growing media interest in Sculpture Park

Supporters of the Heirisson Island Sculpture Park will be pleased by the growing interest from The West Australian over recent months.

In March The West Australian published two substantial articles, 'Call for footbridge that's far from pedestrian' and '$4.5m boost to sculpture plan park,' detailing the plans for a footbridge to the proposed sculpture park and highlighting the City of Perth's initial $4.5 million commitment to implementing the masterplan for the Island. The second article outlined how Art Gallery of WA director Stefano Carboni has joined the growing alliance of business, political and cultural leaders backing the project. Stefano believes the potential for a sculpture park on the Island is obvious and will involve the Art Gallery in providing advice and assistance particularly regarding the selection of artworks and joint promotions.



20 March Call for footbridge that's far from pedestrian

A spectacular footbridge will be built between Heirisson Island and Point Fraser in East Perth within the next three years as Perth City Council pushes ahead with $4.5 million plans to create a sulpture park on the island.


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09 March $14.5 m boost to sculpture park plan

A $50 million revamp of Heirisson Island as a world-class sculpture park is a step closer after Art Gallery of WA director Stefano Carboni joined an alliance of business, political and cultural leaders backing the project.


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