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18 May Swan River Footbridge Ideal Entry Point to Sculpture Park

The City of Perth's selection of its preferred design for a pedestrian bridge from Point Fraser to Heirisson Island represents an important step forward for the Heirisson Island Sculpture Park.


Selecting the preferred design now enables the City of Perth to continue progressing the footbridge project by submitting it to the Department of Indigenous Affairs for Section 18 clearance.


Section 18 clearance is essential before construction work can commence and Heirisson Island Sculpture Park Inc (HISP Inc) is encouraging the City of Perth to proceed with this process as it is secures the $10.3 million funding for the project.


HISP Inc endorses the City of Perth's choice of bridge design and believes the visuals provided by Conybeare Morrison International / Cardno show a structure that will become an iconic and much-loved river crossing for Perth residents and visitors.


Chairman Bill Groves said the bridge will be a sculpture in its own right and represents an ideal public entry point to the major sculpture park HISP Inc has proposed and  which is now included in the Master Plan for Heirisson Island.


"Our goal is to work closely with the City of Perth and the State Government to ensure construction of the footbridge can also be used to simultaneously establish the first stage of the sculpture park. We believe the first stage of the sculpture park can be built where the bridge lands on the island and could feature land art that is part of, or even forms, the site's landscaping," said Mr Groves.


"In the context of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent transforming the centre of Perth over the next decade, this project represents a big public impact for a comparatively small amount. We are encouraging the City of Perth to progress its footbridge vision and the Master Plan for Heirisson Island and ask the State Government to support in any ways that are possible."


HISP Inc continues to progress the sculpture park concept with a range of stakeholders including the State Government, which has shown considerable interest in the proposal as part of the ongoing development of the Swan River waterfront stretching from the Narrows Bridge through to Burswood and East Perth.


The organization is committed to realising the first stage of the sculpture park as soon as possible depending on the timing of the construction of the bridge, with a goal being to have a well-established major tourism destination by the time of Western Australia's bicentenary in 2029.


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