The Location



In the middle of the Swan River, at the eastern gateway to the City of Perth, sits one of
the little known jewels of Western Australia, Heirisson Island. The 25 hectare island
currently consists of open grassed spaces, areas of native vegetation, reeded shorelines,beaches and inlets.

Heirisson Island, originally two small islands surrounded by mud flats, is strategically located at the eastern edge of the Perth Central Business District at a narrow neck in the river between East Perth and Victoria Park. It is 1.3 kilometres long by 300 metres at its widest point and comprises a total area of 25 hectares.

The Island is centrally located near to several substantial development and activity centres including Burswood Peninsula, the Belmont Park Redevelopment and East Perth Riverside Project that will eventually be home to significant populations of people. It is also surrounded by high quality public open space including Burswood, McCallum and Langley Parks, plus the Point Fraser restored wetlands.