The Location : Creating One Island

Historically the area consisted of two small islands surrounded by mud flats, which made it a natural point for crossing the river. In 1842 a toll bridge was constructed over the two islands and mud flats, close to the location of the current Causeway.Island at 1870

When the mud flats were dredged to allow boats to travel upriver, the material was used to join the two islands together, creating a single island by 1900.

Island at 1900

Heirisson Island had reached its current size by 1930 following further dredging and the dumping of building rubble, sand and soil. In 1955 the existing Causeway was constructed, effectively dividing the Island into two distinct areas.

Island at 1930

The Island remained undeveloped until major landscaping works in the late 1970s, which transformed the island into its current parkland setting that supports low impact recreational activities. In 1975 Heirisson Island was vested in the City of Perth as an 'A Class Reserve'. The City has been responsible for maintenance of the parkland since that time.

Island at 1970

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