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The creation of Heirisson Island is a microcosm of the history of Western Australia. Originally two islands surrounded by mud flats, it was an important Aboriginal meeting place, hunting ground and river crossing.

Named Heirisson Island by French explorers, the Island became a vital river crossing for a growing British colony. Due to its rich history, Heirisson Island presents a very special opportunity to create a contemporary, custom designed setting that will also reflect and inform the community about the history of our City and our State.

The City of Perth prepared and adopted a Master Plan in 2008 that integrates the sculpture park into its future plans for the Island. The Master Plan will assist in meeting the objectives of the earlier 2001 Heirisson Island Management Plan (Draft) as outlined below:

  • To protect and conserve Heirisson Island's cultural heritage
  • To interpret and highlight the Aboriginal and European history
  • To reinforce the Island's role as a traditional crossing through time and culture, and as one of the last remaining islands on the Swan River
  • To increase the community's awareness and understanding of the Island's historic and cultural values.

The Master Plan includes formal and informal gathering places for storytelling and events. There are opportunities in the plant selection to reflect the Indigenous heritage and European history.

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