The Vision : The Sculpture Collection

Heirisson Island Sculpture Park Inc. has developed an outline curatorial policy for the scuplture park that focuses on collecting pieces of the highest quality from leading sculptors.

A primary aim will be to create a significant collection of international sculptures that can be combined with the best work available from Australian artists to create a unique art experience.

The Island will be divided into zones to suit a range of different sculptures. These zones will range from intimate spaces to large open areas. Sculptures will also be sited to take advantage of the panoramic views from Heirisson Island across the water to the Perth CBD, as well as enabling people to see sculptures from the opposite shores of the river, such as Point Fraser.

It is hoped that many artists will create pieces specifically for Heirisson Island and this will allow full advantage to be taken of the natural environment by incorporating land, shoreline and water locations.

The footbridge proposed by the City of Perth to span the northern channel will also be a work of art in its own right, as well as having the functional capacity to enable thousands of people to visit the Island.

As the sculpture park concept continues to gather support, work is continuing on the development of curatorial, procurement and funding policies and processes.